Dimen 2015

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Field trip to Dimen-Dong villages and Eco-museum in southern Guizhou Province, China. The Eco-Museum is a living museum focusing not on objects but on the people and their traditional hertitage and practices. The museum is the initiative of Mr Lee Wai Kit. Catherine Ingram has written a bibliography and introduction to the region and its Kam culture.

7-15 March 2015


Liping County, Guizhou Province, China. There is some information about the locality here.

Teaching staff

Stephen Matthews (HKU), Peter K. Austin, David Nathan


(Postgraduates) WU Manxiang, LU Wen (Melody), NG Kathleen (Teresa), YIU Suet Yee (Suki), DAVIES Kathryn (Undergraduates) AU Hoi Kei, CHAN Ka Man (Carmen), KWOK Pui Ki (Patricia), LAU Tsz Ching (Celia), LEUNG Ho Yan (Yanner), LO Ting Ting (Norah), MOK Nga In (Eleanor), TAM Hoi Ching (Michelle), TAN Tsz Ching (Apple), TANG Mei Kwan (Kathy), TSANG Yuen Lam (Amy), TSE Yik Ching (Alison), SHA Hiu Lam (Eunice), YEUNG Ka Ho (Matthew)


The event is part of HKU Linguistics course LING3003 for students majoring in General Linguistics, and in particular the requirement for a supervised field trip outside Hong Kong to carry out an empirical investigation of a linguistics topic (see full course details).

The field trip itself aims to provide the participants with opportunities for experiential learning in linguistics, language documentation and cross-cultural contact. Participants must use the opportunities to build relationships with Kam-speaking community members in order to make some recordings, field notes, and enable personal learning, all of which will inform their assessed field trip report.

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